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Work as a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Professional, earn in US Dollars. Hourly Rates between
$5/hr - $20/hr*

Ever wanted to work for an American company, earn a much better wage, stable income, yet still be home? Explore the opportunity of being a Latino Virtual Assistant, working in a long-term relationship with one of our clients. We’re Not a project-based platform.

What does a Virtual Assistant (VA) do?

Virtual assistants (VA) and virtual marketing (VM) assistants work from their home or office, in their country, helping businesses in the US or Canada with their marketing needs. 

This includes helping clients with general business admin tasks, research, lead generation, calling customers, customer support, lead/customer management, as well as many marketing tasks such as managing their social media management, E-mail marketing, content creation, designing graphics, maintaining a blog, creating ads on Facebook or Google, optimizing a website (SEO), making changes to a website, and much more!

Learn More: How It Works

The First Community of Latino Virtual Assistants

Join our NEW network for Latin America & Mexico

Virtual Latinos is creating a new community to help connect amazing and talented Latinos with companies from the United States and Canada. Small businesses and entrepreneurs from North America will benefit from working with professional, skilled people like you, while saving some money.

General Admin Assistants

If you have a variety of skills to help businesses with administrative tasks, you'd be a great fit to work as a general virtual assistant. Make calls, write emails, schedule appointments and much more!

General Digital Marketers

Do you understand the overall digital marketing industry? Have experience in advertising, conversion optimization, e-mail marketing, SEO, and more? Then we want you!

Customer Support

Have you worked at a call center, customer support company, or worked as a customer representative providing support to a company's clients? If yes, become a virtual support agent!

Sales & Customer Reps

Love helping companies with their sales and business development efforts to get more clients? Many of our customers are looking for experienced sales professionals and representatives to help them grow their business.

Writers & Bloggers

Love to write? Have experience with writing blogs, website copy, and advertisements? We're looking for people with excellent English writing and verbal skills to join the community!

Project & Operations Managers

If you're someone who loves to organize things, manage teams, develop projects, and are a great leader, then working as a virtual project or operations manager might be a great role for you!

Graphic Designers

Design is an art, but beautiful design is both an art and a science. Everyone with creative design skills, who can create professional graphics, understand branding and know how to communicate concepts visually should join us!

Social Media Marketers

Do you have what it truly takes to create a community, have fans who follow your every post and update, and understand the inner makings of what makes social media successful? If that's you, join our community!

E-mail & Automation Experts

We're looking for beginners and professionals who understand how to design, develop and manage E-mail marketing campaigns, marketing automation drip campaigns, and other automation processes.

Web Designers

Most of our American clients have a website (or need a better one), and are looking for professional web designers who can edit, manage or build their company's website. Know how to design in HTML/CSS, and/or build a website with WordPress or Joomla?

Advertising Experts (PPC)

We are in high demand for professional advertising virtual assistants who are qualified experts or have certifications in creating and managing Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, and other digital ads platforms

Many More Experts...

Know how to do more? We're also looking for executive assistants, business consultants, coaches, SEO experts, web/UI/UX designers, CRM & Customer managers, translators, videographers, video editors and much more!

Are you a marketer, writer, designer, or simply love to work online?

Join our community of 600+ VAs, do what you love, and make more money while doing so!

Why our assistants love to work with Virtual Latinos

Copywriter at a Bio-Tech company

I love working at Virtual Latinos because it is an authentic project, with ethics, that cares about its assistants and is always there for us.

It’s also given me the opportunity to continue to develop my professional career from anywhere. It provides me the flexibility to combine my work as a VA and as a mother of three children.

Every day I am more grateful, happy and proud to be part of Virtual Latinos.

For me, it has opened doors to professional work opportunities and personal and professional development of the highest level without the need to travel to an office – instead, we use the technology at our disposal, while working in a very warm and human environment where professional quality is highly valued.

Procurement VA at a biotech company

My experience in the platform has been nothing but an amazing one. The Virtual Latinos team has been so supportive from on-boarding the platform, giving tips on how to efficiently apply to positions, to sharing the best advice on succeeding at interviews.

I was interested in a job post on their channel and decided to apply. Thanks to the VL team’s guidance and tips throughout the interview process, I was offered the position.

Now I actually have a rewarding job which I enjoy along with all the perks of working from home.

Before I joined this platform, I felt overwhelmed and almost hopeless after persistently searching and applying for jobs and not hearing back from companies.

I realized finding a job that matches your profile and meets your expectations can be really difficult, especially living in Latin America.

Virtual Latinos seemed to be simply “another job-hunt site”, but ended up being a platform with outstanding support, and a strong community. If you are serious on working from home, then Virtual Latinos might be the right place to find that opportunity you deserve.

Admin assistant at a real estate agency

I like working with Virtual Latinos because there is a support group for all assistants and we have direct communication with the employer.

Additionally, what I like most is that our job proposals are seen by clients in a short period of time.

It is a welcoming community, which focuses on getting to know each assistant.

You can feel the respect and the desire to help others, and there’s a high level of professionalism.

Customer support & follow-up at a tax firm

 I enjoy working with Virtual Latinos because this website is the key to open so many possibilities to young and clever professionals that haven’t been discovered yet.

You can feel completely at ease when offering your services to companies abroad, and you are able to see the results of your hard work every day.

Virtual Latinos provides job opportunities that fit your professional expertise, inspiring you to demonstrate all your capacities and skills.

The team is always supporting and offering guidance to all of the VAs, so you’ll always feel you have someone you can count on.

Marketing virtual assistant at a real estate agency

Working with Virtual Latinos has been a lifesaver for me, for the last few years having a healthy work/life balance, just wasn’t achievable and it was literally affecting my health, so I started looking for alternative streams of income, and I found Virtual Latinos and it has given me the freedom to spend more time with my family and focus on my health and enjoy life. 

The team is extremely professional, and you get the opportunity to establish relationships with great clients.

If you like challenges, a supportive community of like-minded professionals and great income with the flexibility of working from home, you should definitely join us.

Real Estate VA at property management company

Once I completed the application process, I was greeted to a great and warm online community where you are always supported by a team of qualified professionals.

I was surprised to meet with people from all over Latin America who also share the drive to succeed professionally.

Virtual Latinos provide you the opportunity to work, which is often very hard to find in our countries.

I joined the community late August 2019 and by mid-September I was already hired by a great North American company where I have been able to work with a wonderful team and continue growing professionally.

The team at Virtual Latinos is always available to guide everyone through the application process, answer any questions and encourages us to further develop skills through their learning programs!

I enjoy working with Virtual Latinos because they help me succeed professionally in a way I couldn’t have done in my country!

If you possess the wish to succeed while growing professionally, you should definitely join Virtual Latinos!
If you want to belong to a group of distinguished professionals from Latin America who are responsible, dedicated and work driven, then Virtual Latinos is the place for you.
Opportunities are posted every day and you just need to apply for a job posting and then find your self working online and earning in dollars!
You don´t need to worry about local currency devaluation!
Procurement Coordinator at a biotech lab

I enjoy working in a very cool and challenging environment, learning many things at a fast pace, and still, be able to have a balance with my personal life.

Work from home keeps you from all the time wasted in traffic, you get the opportunity to work for cool places and learn of different business models. 

You have schedule flexibility so you can organize your day in the way best suits you, being productive and taking care of your personal stuff.

José R. García
Virtual marketer (VM) at a marketing agency

Virtual Latinos gives me the opportunity to work from home and be more productive. I love deciding my schedule and from where I work. Jaime is really involved in every project, you won’t feel like you are on your own, he’ll coach you from the beginning, so you can feel comfortable from the very first day. 

Virtual Latinos is a great way of working part-time or full- time remotely. There’s always someone to support you and we’ve also got a great community. 

Executive Assistant at AirBNB Business

When I first found out about this platform, I had my doubts because I wasn’t sure what it involved. Nevertheless, I found out it’s a very serious, professional and high-quality community.

I realized this ever since I started my application process; in Virtual Latinos, you will not be accepted unless you prove yourself to be a disciplined, responsible and committed worker.

I love working through this community because it has allowed me to explore in depth my own skills and improve the quality of my work.

First of all, I believe the jobs are high-quality and the payments they offer are pretty good.

There’s also the flexibility you get by working at your own pace and the possibility of working for several clients at once, which is something that will allow you to find economic growth and the freedom to work wherever you want, as long as you have a good Internet connection and a computer.

I also consider this community forces you to get out of your comfort zone and explore new skills in order to grow personally and professionally, always inspiring you to give the best from yourself.

Sales VA at a real estate firm
It gives me the opportunity to grow as a professional while working for a different culture, expanding my knowledge.

The virtual Latinos community it’s very supportive and they really focus on helping each member find a great job opportunity.

Adriana Prieto
Inside sales agent at a real estate company

Virtual Latinos showed me all the possibilities one platform could offer.

It turned something so torturous and stressing such as finding a job into something so effortless and simple.

I was able to put myself out there and found a job in no time!

If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient way to find awesome jobs all in one place, don’t hesitate to join Virtual Latinos.
It opens many doors for you to have great opportunities with different companies in different fields. 
Yuni Koury
Content editor at a sports company

Virtual Latinos is not just an employment agency, but a real community.

There’s a private online group in which everyone can receive support and keep informed of available job offers and vacancies.

The application process was easy and because they only accept qualified candidates, this helps create a good employee-employer relationship.

The online work interface is user-friendly and there is no risk of fake/spam companies or job offers.

Why Join Virtual Latinos?

Make more money!

Work for US or Canadian companies, who'll pay you a higher rate than in your own country. Guaranteed! *Hourly rates between $5 USD/hr - $20 USD/hr, based on experience.

Be Mobile, Work Remotely

Thanks to the Internet, it's now more common and easier than ever to work form wherever you're at.

Work during your timezone

Most of your clients will be in North America, and are awake during the same time you are, so there's no need to work at night.

Get Professionally Certified

To earn even a higher salary, Virtual Latinos offers various business, digital marketing, and technology-related certification courses. Ask us about this premium program.

Flexible Schedules

Love to be flexible? Being a virtual assistant is the perfect way to have more freedom on how and when you get to work.

Training, resources & more

Interested in working online, love marketing, design and helping others, but not sure where to start? We'll teach you how to get started.

Read why our VAs love us

Frequently Asked Questions

An independent worker who provides virtual professional services to another person or company from a remote location, often a home office. By taking on recurring tasks, they free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies.

What does a virtual assistant do? Virtual assistant duties usually fall under the administrative umbrella, but can range from basic admin to specialized help such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Executive Assistants, Writers, Bloggers, and much more.

A virtual assistant can work full-time or part-time, depending on their preferences and clients’ requirements, and can work for more than one client if their schedule allows it (without overlapping).

Some of the great benefits of being a remote virtual assistant are:

  1. VAs get to work from home or wherever they want
  2. A more flexible schedule
  3. There are vast opportunities to grow professionally and personally
  4. A boost in your wage, USD wages
  5. The opportunity to learn and meet new professionals across the world and much more!

Yes, currently it’s FREE to join the Virtual Latino community! Our first goal is to grow our community of Latinos who want to work from their computers and be able to earn more money using their valuable skills. Click the button below to sign-up and get started.

No, you don’t need to have previous experience being a virtual assistant or virtual marketer. Yet, it is a requirement that you have experience in general skills required to being a virtual assistant, specifically with experience related to marketing, design, writing, web design, SEO, and anything else related to it

Training is not included when you join the Virtual Latino community, yet training resources, courses and certifications will be available to those individuals who qualify and meet our standards to become a certified digital marketer.

Yes, anyone who is bilingual and can speak and write in English, is qualified to apply. Anyone can learn how to work remotely (From their house) to become a virtual assistant.

We’re looking for the following types of people:

  • Administrative assistants
  • Digital marketers
  • Graphic designers
  • General Business Managers
  • Executive Assistants
  • Customer Support or Contact/Call Center Reps
  • Sales & Business Development Experts
  • Business Consultants & Coaches
  • Business Strategist & Planners
  • Social media strategists
  • Writers, bloggers and content developers
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • E-mail marketing experts
  • Advertising experts (SEM – Facebook Ads and Google AdWords)
  • Search engine optimization experts (SEO)
  • Web designers & UX/UI designers
  • Marketing Automation Experts
  • CRM & Customer Management
  • Video editors and video animators 
  • Translators & Interpreters

The most important skill to have is great communications skills. These include verbal and written communication. The second most important skill is organization skills. As a virtual assistant you must know how to manage your time, prioritize tasks, homeworks and projects you’ll be assigned to.

No, you don’t need to have a college or university degree for our general virtual assistants portal for Latin America. Yet, if you’re interested in joining our digital marketing certification courses and/or be part of our certified virtual marketing assistants, then yes, you’ll need to have a college/university degree.

Once you apply to join our community, we’ll evaluate your application. If you qualify, you’ll be invited to join and sign up with all of your professional information in order to be part of our online portal of Virtual Latinos. Later on, we’ll be inviting American and Canadian business owners to visit the portal in order to find you, get in touch with you, and potentially hire you.

Wondering if you qualify to join our community?

If you’re bilingual in English & Spanish, you may qualify!

Click below to join our community!

Learn how to work as a virtual marketer and assistant:

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